Professional Photographers on Composing Better Food Photos

Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

All of the master food photographers will tell you that great food images should suck you into the moment and should deliver an experience of some sort. Part of this creation has to do with having solid composition. The folks at We Eat Together put together a video showing how to do just that. Their first time has to do with getting rid of your light source in the image and also making sure that it isn’t visible lest someone focuses on that instead of the delectable bites in front of you.

The host comes up with a load of difference scenarios and compositions involving various angles that draw the viewer in. The use of reflectors really helps.

Their video on composing better food photos is after the jump. But we’ve added quotes from other food photographers that we’ve interviewed to add extra value to this post.

“I’m most drawn to food photography that feels natural and has a bit of soul (maybe it comes from the way the napkin falls, or a particular crumb, or the light through the water glass). If I can sneak a bit of environment in there to suggest where one might be having this meal, that’s a bonus.” – Alice Gao

“I might add a splash of oil if something looks too dry or ask someone to remake a dish that doesn’t look right, but overall I let the kitchen do their thing and I do mine.” – Daniel Krieger

“A reflector might represent the white wall opposite the window so that would be placed opposite the table. Lighting is the single most neglected part of studio photography nowadays if you ask me. Good lighting should complement good composition and add the all important underrated element: the mood.”- Howard Shooter

““They shoot too high and too wide,” Manna says of many new food photographers. There’s a pull it seems to get as much in the frame as possible, rather than properly composing the image.” –Lou Manna

You’ll also want to check out the work of Shea Evans, Cara Livermore, Andrew Scrivani.

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