Joel Grimes Shows You How to Make One Light Look Like Two

Screenshot taken from the YouTube Video

Screenshot taken from the YouTube Video

Photographer Joel Grimes is really one of the best in the business and he recently teamed up with Westcott to create a special tutorial video on making one light look like two. Joel uses a giant Westcott parabolic umbrella with a front diffusion panel (one of our favorite modifiers to use in our reviews). The interior is silver so it gives off a very punchy light.

Granted, that is a single light, but Joel positions his model against a big white wall and positions the light camera right with the wall camera left. The white wall acts like a giant bounce card that takes the existing light and bounces it back onto the subject to fill in most of the shadows.

It’s a very clever trick–but the positioning of all the elements is key to making it work.

The video on how to make one light look like two is after the jump.

Chris Gampat

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