The Phoblographer’s 2014 Roundup of Landscape Photography Tutorials

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Now that 2014 is over and you’re bound to be getting your hands on some new gear, we’re rounding up tutorials and tips designed just for you landscape photographers. Over the past year, we’ve worked on tutorials, interviews, and more for landscape photographers. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced photographer, we’ve got something in this roundup that is bound to inspire or teach you something.

Here is our roundup of Landscape Photography Tutorials.




How to Get Sharper Focus When Shooting Landscapes: In this post, we share a video that teaches you how to focus on the scene in the exact right spot to get a perfectly sharp landscape photo. It isn’t just about focusing out to infinity.

Using an ND Filter When Shooting Seascapes: Using an ND filter can help you get that dreamy water image that you’ve always wanted. What an ND filter does is slows down your shutter speed. But the problem is with the amount of light coming in.

Five Things to Know When Shooting During the Golden Hour: Every photographer learns to love to shooting during the Golden Hour because of the sheer beauty of the sun as it lights the world. This tutorial covers this occurrence not only for landscapes, but also for portraits.

The Basics of HDR: We explain everything there is to know about an HDR. This method is mostly going away, but the knowledge is surely worth it.

How to Make Your Landscape Images Stand Out: As an editor who sees many submissions each day for landscape photography, I get a bit jaded seeing the same thing over and over again. Here is how you can make your landscape image a bit different.

For a start: shoot vertically.

Packing to Shoot Landscapes in Iceland: Former staffer Thomas Campbell talks to us about how he packed his camera bags to go photograph landscapes in Iceland.

Jay and Varina Patel Talk About Photographing Landscapes: Two of the most famous landscape photographers on social media talk to us about shooting landscapes and making money off of them.


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