15 Gifts Under $100 for the Photographer

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It’s no secret that photography gear is very expensive and that the hobby is general isn’t a cheap one. But there are gifts that you can snag for the photographer in your life (or yourself) that won’t break the bank too much or even at all. We’ve spent a week perusing deals and thinking of ideas for really affordable but solid gifts for the photographer under $100.

Here’s our roundup of gifts under $100.

Lens Wrap

Lens wrap

Buy Now: B&H Photo

These things can keep your lenses protected when in a regular, ordinary bag. No need for putting dividers into something that isn’t a camera bag.

Isopropyl Alcohol Bottle

Isoproyl alcohol

Buy Now: Amazon

Use this to clean the contacts where your lens and camera meet. It will improve the autofocus performance so much more.

Giottos Rocket Blower

Giottos rocket

Buy Now: B&H Photo

Blow dust out of your camera, lens and most importantly off the sensor.

PNY 128GB SD card

PNY 128GB SD card

Buy Now: B&H Photo

Do you really need to ask about why you need more memory or a faster SD card?

Arctic Butterfly

Arctic butterfly

Buy Now: B&H Photo

This little brush has saved us so many times in a bind when it comes to cleaning our sensors. Just don’t ever make the brush spin while near the sensor.

TAP and DYE Leather Camera Strap

Tap and Dye strap

Buy Now: TAP and DYE

Beautiful, handmade, and extremely durable.

Great State Classic Skinny Strap


Buy Now: Great State

Built well, soft to the touch, and durable.

Lexar 64GB CF card

Lexar CF card

Buy Now: B&H Photo

You could always use more memory and faster performance.

Impact Light Shed

Impact Light Shed

Buy Now: B&H Photo

The Impact Light Shed will help you shoot images of products with a clean, white background providing that you’ve got the lights that you need.

Yongnuo 560 III

Yongnuo 560 III

Buy Now: Amazon

A fully manual speedlight for a super cheap price.

Phottix Luna folding Octabox

Phottix Luna

Buy Now: Amazon

Make the light from your speedlight look amazing.

Five Roll Pack of Kodak Portra


Buy Now: B&H Photo

Mmmmmmm, film. Yum!

Joby GPod Mini

Joby Gpod

Buy Now: B&H Photo

Itty bitty tripods are awesome for helping you photograph itty bitty things.

Olloclip 4-in-1 lens


Buy Now: B&H Photo

With manual control now available in many iOS and Android devices, why not move forward a bit with your mobile photography?

Triggertrap Flash Adapter

Triggertrap flash adapter

Buy Now: Amazon

When used with the Triggertrap app, this adapter can make a flash go off with just a sound sensor or make it go off repeatedly.

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