Phottix Announces New Odin and Mitros+ Radio Flash System For Sony


It was only a matter of time before someone created TTL radio flashes for Sony. But if anyone was going to get to it first, it would have been Phottix. And today, they’re announcing their Mitros+ radio flash, Mitros flash and the Odin TTL transmitter for Sony cameras using the new multi-interface shoe. That means that cameras from your Sony NEX 6 to the A7 series can all now have TTL transmission and use radios to do so.

The Mitros+ and Mitros flashes are no different than their Canon and Nikon counterparts; nor is the Odin except that they’re all designed with the Sony multi-interface shoe in mind.

As a refresher, the Odin is a TTL transmitter that has lots of options and controls on it but makes the use of them simple. The Mitros+ is a flash with a radio receiver built in that can either act as a slave to the Odin or a slave/master with other Mitros+ flashes. The Mitros is a TTL enabled speedlite that doesn’t have radio transmission built in.

The New Mitros will go for $299 while the Mitros+ will sell for $399–and those are really affordable for what you’re getting. More images are after the jump.




Chris Gampat

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