To All Photographers: a Poem About Believing in Yourself


All images and text by Carlos Alfaro. Used with permission

We’re stepping aside for a second to share some inspiration from reader Carlos Alfaro. He wrote this poem for photographers. Take a look after the jump.


Today is August 19
Dedicate to forgive.
Forgive yourself for the pictures that you did not take.
For all the photos you deleted of your memory card.
By disposing of your own work.
By not developing your last roll.
Forgive yourself for wasting time between megapixel and not needed glasses.
For the films have not tried.
For the fuzzy and unfocused picture.
Forgive yourself for not having run more risks.
Not to try new angles.
Not to frame before shooting.
Forgive yourself for helping but feeling that digital photography does not fill you as analog.
By not prioritizing time.
Not loving the moment.
Because you were more camera than human.
But today is our day!
So free yourself!
Free yourself from the weight of that camera you did not use.
Of extra lenses and flash that made you lose so much space.
Free yourself from the customer order.
Payment not made.
From behind and then you fix editing in Photoshop.
Get rid of those clothes to keep up with your models and clients and returned to the streets to feel what you felt on your first shot.
That tingling in your stomach.
That finger sore from both pass the reel.
Click that makes you feel that your place is unique.
Your look is unique.
Your picture is unique.
Today we go back to believing in us.
In our profession.
In our passion.
In our great love.
Today started again.
Today we will live again.
Happy August 19.
Happy photography day!

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.