Phase One’s Capture One Pro 8 Caters to Aperture Users

julius motal the phoblographer capture one pro 8

Beleaguered Aperture users rejoice! Phase One has incorporated a migration tool for importing data from Aperture into Capture One Pro 8, the latest installment in its photo editing software. That is among a batch of new updates, including: catalogs for organizing, film grain, expanded Live View compatibility, and repair layers. There’s also a new subscription plan available alongside buying the whole program for a flat price.

The migration tool is Phase One’s best chance at expanding its user base, and elbowing its way closer to Lightroom, the current editing heavyweight. Adobe has yet to release a similar feature, but there’s no word on whether or not it will do that.

Capture One has jumped on the subscription bandwagon with a $10-a-month option with 12-month commitment. You can also purchase the program for $299, and the upgrade will cost $99. Adobe still offers a standalone upgrade license for Lightroom at $79, though it’s unclear if that will continue into the next iteration of Lightroom.

Overall, it seems that Phase One is offering a more robust editing suite with this edition. Here are some of the updates:

-greater Catalog control, with the ability to important and export catalogs

-a film grain tool that will give your images an authentic film aesthetic

-expanded Live View compatibility with more cameras from Sony, Nikon, Fujifilm, Canon, Mamiya and Phase One

-repair layers which will allow you to nondestructively remove blemishes and control the size and shape of affected areas

-instant tethered capture for compatible cameras

-improved processing engine to better display images

-four methods of clarity control (Classic, Neutral, Punch and Classic) to adjust mid-tone contrast for greater detail

-improved HDR tool

-expanded lens support for automatic lens corrections

-hierarchical keywording to improve workflow

For more, check out the website.