Interfit’s New Pro-Flash 360 Packs 360 Watt Seconds of Juice

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.53.26 PM

Most location photographers would kill to have more flash power output in a small flash body of some sort. Today, Interfit is announcing another addition into the category of small flashes that produce light like full studio strobes. It’s called the Strobies Pro-Flash 360 and looks very similar to products made by Cheetah Stand and Adorama’s Flashpoint.

The main selling point is of course the 360 watt seconds of power output available in a small body that needs to be connected to a small power pack. Additionally, it has an actual flash bulb that can be used totally bear or with the umbrella reflector that comes included.

Interfit claims that it is capable of high speed sync in addition to power adjustment of 1/3 increments, 450 full powered flashes, and a stroboscopic mode. Many years ago the Strobies were used by loads of photographers. And this new flagship product from the company may find its way into the hands of strobists everywhere.

Expect the Strobies Pro-Flash 360 to come in at $499.99 with the battery pack.


Chris Gampat

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