Apollo 11 Guide Teaches You How to Shoot Photos on the Moon


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Considering the fact that astronauts on the Apollo 11 mission were shooting in complete darkness, getting the right exposures when out in space could prove to be a tough task with no gravity and all. But Redditor TruetoFiction found the exposure instructions that were issued to the astronauts on the mission. Back then, they had to shoot on film, so this was done on 160 ISO film: which seems a bit crazy for being in total darkness with no gravity to stay stable. However, the shutter speed was also set to 1/250th with an aperture anywhere from f5.6-11.

Considering that the mission shot with medium format black and white film, this meant that in the 35mm equivalency that you more or less have the depth of field of f8. According to a NASA article, they had to capture loads of photos for the geologists so that they could study the conditions up there.

Via R/Photography

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