Canon’s Next Big EOS 7D Spiritual Successor Could Ship in October

Canon 7D

Word on the internet street says Canon is about to reveal a big new product that could be “the biggest change in the company’s history.“ Canon Watch received a tip that Canon could announce a new camera to replace its EOS 7D on August 18th. The camera company will purportedly forego the 7D Mark II follow up and instead introduce a completely new high-end DSLR.

Supposedly the camera could come with some never before seen technology on a Canon system including a Foveon sensor. Unlike the flat, multicolored filter grid of a Bayer sensor, Foveon sensors have a stacked arrangement of green, red and blue filters. The differently arranged Foveon sensor claims to absorb more of the color spectrum without lowering the sensors sensitivity.

Thus far, Foveon sensors have proven to resolve greenish-yellow tinted images during our test with the Sigma SD14 two years ago. Now Sigma is out with a chip that promises to out-resolve the Sony A7r and Nikon D800e, so perhaps we’ll see a similar if not the same imaging chip in Canon’s big, new camera.

Canon’s mystery DSLR could also come with hybrid viewfinder, which we’ve seen implemented on the Fujifilm X Pro 1 and X100S as well as the Leica M (Typ 240). If the rumors hold true, Canon’s next camera will be announced towards the end of August, showcased at Photokina 2014 to much fanfare, and finally be ready to ship in October.

It’s all sounds like exciting and tempting news and that’s precisely why we won’t believe a lick of it until the camera is actually announced.

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.