Infographic: 180 Photography Tips to Capture Your Home

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When you were just starting out as a photographer, didn’t you wish you had a single, really simple guide – preferably 1,000 words or less – to everything basic you’d need to know as a photographer? You know, just so you’d have avoided that unflattering portrait shot early on or buying that really expensive equipment, only to sell it on eBay for a lower cost later.

Well, this might be a bit late for many of us, but it just might prove very useful to our budding photographers out there. The folks over at Terry Blinds, makers of best-value blinds, thought it a great idea to create a quirky and definitely helpful infographic of the basic tricks and tips of the trade.

Entitled 180 Photography Tips to Capture Your Home (forget the title, this is not just for interior design photography!), it covers everything from photography tips for beginners to reasons why your photos look terrible to really motivational quotes from seasoned photographers. They even included some tips on how to take sharper images and a list of accessories one would need for better images.

Now, we know some of you would see this list and sneer at it, thinking, “Psh, every photographer knows all that!” or protesting in an indignant voice, “It’s not that simple!” but again, this is not for all you experts. So next time an aspiring photographer comes to you for advice/lessons, and you don’t have the time to train a young padawan, pass on this infographic instead. It’s very likely going to help them a good deal.

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180 Photography Tips To Capture Your Home by Terrys Blinds
180 Photography Tips To Capture Your Home by Terrys Blinds.