Michael Bilotta’s Fine Art Fantasy Photos Are For the Sci-Fi Nerd

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All images by Michael Bilotta. Used with permission.

Mike Bilotta is a photographer that hail from Boston, MA and was the winner of Canon’s Project Imagination 2013. Mike’s portfolio grabbed at us because of the dark surreal world that he tries to put forth that has beautiful aesthetics to it upon first glance. He uses the venerable Canon 5D Mk II and prime lenses along with speedlites to create the world that he presents in the images before putting them into Photoshop CS6.

“Ideas can come from anywhere. They usually come after the model has left though.” says Bilotta. “I never plan shoots – I never have a lot of ideas going into a session. I think the few times I have, it always ended in a bad result.” Because of this, Mike tends to focus on capturing moods and emotions while adding props into the shoot. He likes to build things around a photo after he’s photographed the model (which sometimes takes three hours). Everything is usually shot on Thunder Gray seamless. Often, they are influenced by science fiction.
Because of this, Mike has gone on to develop his newest venture: One on One Photoshop Tutoring via Skype.
Here’s more of Mike’s work.

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