Brooklyn Photographer Posts a Hilarious Craigslist Ad for Pimped Out Lens

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 7.48.41 AM

Sasha Juliard. Now there’s a photographer who knows how to sell his stuff.

Either Brooklyn-based Juliard was sick of all those tired and tedious Craigslist adds droning unimaginatively about the used items they’re selling or he just happened to have an utterly boring afternoon. Whatever his motivation was doesn’t matter. What matters is about five days ago, this dude just posted possibly the best Craigslist ad ever.

In an effort… nay, campaign to sell his Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens for $400 on the classified ads website, Juliard went out of his way to do more than post several photos and write a detailed description. Oh no. He felt the need to pimp that lens out, first describing it as a “MOTHERFUCKER’S wide-angle” that “sees more than a COCK-EYED CHAMELEON” and to quote “his boy” Ludacris, “It’s big and reckless, MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU GOT A MIDGET HANGING FROM YOUR NECK-less.” He then proceeds to name drop Hodor from GoT and “Ken ‘Da Bokeh Killah’ Rockwell” and make references to the ollie and The Big Lebowski; you know, just so potential buyers know, if they don’t already, that they’re getting an awesome deal buying this ultra special lens from an ultra hip dude.

Maybe he thought that the ultrawide angle lens deserved much more than a normal boring ad, maybe he was just stoned. We can only speculate. What we know for sure is if this ad doesn’t get him immediate responses, misspellings and all, and sell that lens, that we don’t know what will.

Check out his hilarious listing here.