The HACKxTACK Promises That You’ll Never Lose Another Lens Cap


We’ve all lost lens caps; and despite the fact that we end up finding them later on they can be kind of annoying due to just how easily they seem to outright get up and walk away from us. But a new Kickstarter for the HACKxTACK is looking to make sure that you’ll never lose one again.

The system works through the use of magnets.

Essentially what you’ll be doing is attaching a magnet to your lens cap (which only really works on some caps and not all) and then clip a special magnet to some place on you or your camera bag. And that is where you’ll hold your lens cap. The company states that they’re using ethically sourced wood (for the looks because everyone loves them some wood). They’re also saying that one piece contains three device friendly magnets (which means it hopefully won’t wreck your smartphone should the two find themselves to be in an inseparable relationship.)


To make them even more stylish, you can get a different color or a bumper. The company needs $25,000 to make this possible and you can support them over on their Kickstarter.