7 Tips for Photography In The Early Spring

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When early spring comes, it brings rebirth and renewal. Gone are the days of winter. Like the fall, a myriad colors come out to greet our lenses. Springs is an interesting time for photography because it’s often as if the weather is drunk and needs a large cup of black coffee.

To make the most of it, here are seven tips to have fun with the early spring and create some unique images.


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Don’t put away your winter gear yet. Everything you used to protect your camera in the winter can be used in the early spring. Rain gear is essential. Rain can come in like a thief in the night. You have to be prepared for such situations. Having a weather sealed camera is ideal, but not always the case. But if you don’t have a weather-sealed camera a simple rain cover in your pocket is handy. The spring also brings wind and pollen. This makes changing your lenses a tricky situation. The best thing to keep with you is a travel lens. You have a full range available to you and it keeps dust away from your sensor.


The transition from winter weather to warmer days comes with a lot of rain and varying temperatures in many places. The most important thing to do is stay aware of the weather reports. Give yourself a heads up. This will let you know how to dress so you don’t get caught suddenly in the cold.

Do Away With Black And White Images

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Early spring is a time of new color. Plants are awakening from their winter slumber and this is their way of saying good morning. Hiding nature’s splendor is a travesty, so don’t. Embrace the colors around you. Just try to show the world as it is.

 Get Intimate


Get close to your subjects. In spring there is so much wonder and subtle detail, most of which cannot be seen a distance. You have to get as close as you can to your subject. You can do this with just your regular lenses or invest in a macro filter or lens. The simple results can open your eyes to a new world.

Let The Light Be Your Guide

Don’t block your subjects from the light. Natural light when used correctly can be beautiful, so use it. Gauge where the sun is and work you composition around it. The best time of day to shoot is anytime of day. Work with the light, and expose your images correctly. Work with what you have available.

Don’t Be Afraid Of A Flash

You are not always going to get the perfect light. This is especially true if you are doing macro photography. To pull out the detail you may have to shoot between f8 and f16. To do this you may need to use a fill flash. It is a great help. You don’t need a lot of equipment either. One flash and a hot shoe cable can do wonders in the spring. You can improve your macro photography and dramatically improve the quality of your portraits. Spring is about growth, so use it as an opportunity to try something new.

Get Out There With Your Friends

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Everyone needs to get out, breathe and enjoy the sun–not only to shake off cabin fever. People need to get out there and stretch their legs with others in tow. The spring is great for dramatic portraits or just general fun. The winter has a way of making people a bit sedentary. In spring it’s easier to get out there and have fun.

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Gevon Servo

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