Photographer Could Face Year in Jail and $100,000 Fine for Violating Endangered Species Act

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Though it has been known for years that photographers often try to interfere with a scene to capture wildlife, it’s a whole different problem when it involves the Endangered Species Act. According to WESH, photographer Jim Neiger who heads up Flight School Photography could be facing a year long prison sentence or a $100,000 fine of some sort. Jim is being charged with troubling the nests of Snail Kites–which are a type of raptor bird. Specifically, the bird has been endangered as of 1967 due to its super specific diet of Apple Snails according to Everglades National Park.

To take pictures of the birds, he would allegedly get closer to the nests than you’re legally allowed to. People on his boat or Jim himself would then photograph the birds.

Jim is otherwise a very well known bird photographer–with folks praising him and the DPReview forums interested in his work.

A full video story is after the jump.

Chris Gampat

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