Developing Story: Calumet Announces Immediate Closing in the US

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Calumet, a company that has been a major retailing force in the photo industry for years, is today sadly announcing that they’re shutting down in the US. The company announced the closing on their Facebook page, but their website is down. Oddly their Youtube page is still up and their Twitter is down. Calumet along with B&H Photo, Adorama, and FotoCare were the big names in the industry for camera gear since Willoughby’s went from an entire city block to a city corner in size.

If you do a Google Search of Calumet closing down, you come across the company that shuttered lots of stores across the nation. The company has been around for 75 years but apparently can’t keep up with other retailers.

This is all incredibly odd as most stores often just say something along the lines of them having a going out of business sale and that everything must go. But this is sudden, and even the fans on Facebook are sharing both dismay and anger.

Even more interestingly is that their Wikipedia page has already been updated to say that they’re closing.

Edit: We contacted Peter Biosotti, who now runs Pro Gear Rental in Chicago and is the former President of Calumet. He declined to comment on the matter, though stated that there were hints of it coming for a while now.

Chris Gampat

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