These Faces Were Created With Long Exposure Light Painting

Jason D. Page Light Painting John Lennon 1

Photos by Jason D Page. Used with permission.

Usually, folks love creating shapes when light painting. But photographer Jason D Page decided to do something totally different. In his photo series, “Icons” Jason created faces of famous folks through light painting. More amazingly is the fact that the images are straight out of the camera without any post-production at all–sans cropping and removing a couple of dead pixels.

Jason told us a bit more about the images:

“The faces in my “Icons” series are individuals that I feel have made significant cultural impact and inspire countless people around the world. This is the kind of impact I hope my light painting work will have in the world of art and photography. I hope my light painting work inspires people to see a camera as more than a tool to document but also as an artistic instrument used to capture light.

My “Icons” series are created by first physically deconstructing an iconic image several times over. Those deconstructed pieces are then turned into many different plates made from various translucent materials. Once the plates are created the light print process can begin. My Light Print making process is similar to traditional print making with the exception of my medium being light instead of ink. Creating the plates and working out all the variables to create an image usually takes me about a week. It is a very laborious process, but for me its well worth the effort.”

More of our favorites are after the jump.

Jason D. Page Light Painting Marilyn Monroe 3

Jason D. Page Light Painting Jimi Hendrix 3

Jason D. Page Light Painting James Dean 3

Jason D. Page Light Painting Albert Einstein 1


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