Leica T Type 701 Mirrorless Camera Might Be Announced April 24th

Image courtesy of Leica Rumors

Image courtesy of Leica Rumors

Leica has a special event planned for April 24th. Leica Rumors spotted an event flyer detailing a media shindig that could be the big reveal for the long awaited Leica T type 701 mirrorless camera. The new camera first hit the airwaves in an internal document from Taiwan’s National Communications Commission. The new model name cropped up soon after Leica CEO Alfred Schopf confirmed that the company was working on a new compact camera system in an interview with the Australian magazine Camera.

The new Leica mirrorless camera has been rumored for years as a new proper EVIL camera addition to fit between the M and X lines. The new camera might not even come from Leica though as another early report suggested that Panasonic is working with the German optics company to produce either a Micro Four Thirds camera or an APS-C shooter. The only thing that seems certain is Leica has a new camera in the wings and it will be here on April 24th, so sit tight and stay tuned for more as we hear the news.

Via Leica Rumors

Kevin Lee

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