Sony A7, A7r Have Light Leak Problems. Here’s How to Fix It


Image courtesy of Ferrell McCollough

We thought the Sony A7 and A7r were impeccable cameras giving us full frame shooting versatility in a mirrorless package. But it seems some users are experiencing light leak problems coming from the lens mount. Some A7 and A7r owners speculate that the problem comes from a gap between the silver flange on the lens mount and the orange ring that protrudes from the camera’s body.

The problem becomes especially apparent when taking long exposures. Documented photos on Sony’s forums showing a noticeable light crescent leak, which appears on the upper right quadrant of the image. Now Sony is finally acknowledging the problem and provided the following statement.

“Sony is aware of and acknowledges this light leak problem with the A7 and A7r and our engineering department is currently researching a solution. We will release a notice to the owners once a resolution is found.”

Sony did not elaborate on how it would fix the problem since it’s a fault of the hardware and not something that easily fixed with a software patch. Perhaps Sony will provide a similar solution as Nikon to fix the oily shutter problem on Nikon D600 by replacing them with D610 models.

Until Sony comes up with an official solution, A7 and A7r owners have taken fixing the light leak problem into their own hands. One user suggests applying gaffers tape between the flange and orange ring. Meanwhile, Ferrell McCollough has a non-adhesive fix that suggests photographers should close the gap using a hair tie.

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Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee is a freelance journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn.