Could a Refresh be Coming to the Nikon D800?

Nikon D800 Internal Mic

The Nikon D800 has been doing spectacularly well and in many aspects is probably the best DSLR that you can get your hands on. Very little in the market can begin to touch its excellence, but early reports are hinting that manufacturers may have to try even harder. According to a post on Nikon Rumors, the company may be refreshing the camera this year. Weird, huh? Considering that the D700 lived on its own for so long without a refresh, it’s a bit odd that we’re hearing about this due to the fact that the camera was released in 2012.

The camera already has two variations: the D800 and the D800E–the latter not having a low pass filter to allow for better resolution of images. We’re curious as to what could possibly be coming as it doesn’t totally make sense in Nikon’s lineup unless they wanted to take the D610’s imaging sensor, the D800’s autofocus and merge the two to be a sports shooting speed demon aimed at photojournalists and discerning consumers. In which case, this could be something like a D800 lite.

Considering that this year is also a Photokina year, we’re bound to see something spectacular.

Chris Gampat

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