NYC Readers: How’s Some Discounted Intensive Photography Education Sound to You?


IF you’re based in NYC, we’ve got a great offer for you. Photographer David Brommer, the well known director of the B&H Photo Event Space, is putting on a personal photography workshop this April. If any sort of courses can really help to build your portfolio and photography knowledge, they’re workshops due to their intensive nature vs a standard college course. This workshop “Finding Photographic Style and Composition in NYC” is based around helping photographers hone their skills and figure out what type of shooter they’d like to be. Think of it a bit as self-discovery.

So what are you getting?

– Two classroom sessions at the New York Film Academy lead by the man himself

– Photowalk sessions in Manhattan through iconic neighborhoods and landmarks including The Brooklyn Bridge, Lower Manhattan, Central Park, The West Village, Times Square and Grand Central Station. One of them will include working with a model.

– Gallery visits. Every Thursday night, Chelsea’s galleries open themselves up for viewing of art and usually serve free wine and beer. This is actually where I’ve discovered many of the folks who have been interviewed on this site. The visit will serve as a means of inspiration and something to aspire to.

– Visit to ICP and MoMA

– A final party and critiques

You can read more about it on David’s blog, but Phoblographer readers are being given a special discount from a price of $699 to $625 by clicking this link when purchasing.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.