Profoto Releases Start to New Wedding Lighting Instructional Video Series

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 9.16.34 AM

If you’re looking to learn more about how to light in various situations at a wedding, Profoto released the beginning of an on-going video series with photography duo Justin and Mary teaching photographers all about lighting in various situations. Though only two videos are up right now, the schedule is promising two videos a month from the team. What you see in the second video (because the first is a short introduction) is them talking about capturing the iconic Bride portrait–where the photographer works on getting a beautiful image of the bride alone.

Unless you’ve been shooting for years with manual strobes, you’ll also probably realize that this is a small creative marketing campaign for the new B1 500TTL lights that the company put out in the latter part of last year (which we got to play with.) TTL lighting is at the heart of the wedding photography industry–and speedlights have dominated the scene because of their small size and metering capabilities. But Profoto is trying to make a dent in that with a full TTL monolight.

You can check out the first video after the jump. But also be sure to take a look at our wedding photography checklist to ensure that you’ve got the shots that you need.

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Chris Gampat

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