With the FLIR ONE iPhone 5/5S Case, You Can See Heat Signatures

julius motal the phoblographer flir one iphone case image 01

Thermal imaging is coming to an iPhone near you with the FLIR ONE case. FLIR’s been in the heat signature game for a while at the professional scale for hunters and the like, but this is its first foray into the general public. For a cool $350, you can outfit your iPhone 5/5S with a FLIR ONE, and with the accompanying app, you can see heat in all sorts of ways. It will pick up heat from humans, animals and the environment from up to 100 meters away. The case is so sensitive that it can even pick up heat left by a footprint on a carpet after the person has walked away.. The app lets you set how the thermal image is displayed, and you can save images to your camera roll.

Anyone worried about it siphoning off energy from your iPhone’s battery will be delighted to know that the FLIR ONE has a built-in battery that’ll work up to four hours. It’ll can also function as a backup battery, giving your iPhone 50 percent more juice. The case should be available in spring this year, and you can preorder it now.

There are obvious uses, such as security and safety, but you could probably let your inner James Bond loose, at least in part, with this device.

Via TechCrunch