The COVR Photo Case is Coming to the iPhone 6

julius motal the phoblographer covr photo iphone 6

Several months ago, I got an email from Thomas Hurst about an iPhone case that he had invented for the iPhone 5. Its selling point was the prism lens that essentially makes it possible to take a photo while holding the phone like you do when you’re texting. Gone are the days of putting your phone between your face and the photograph, and it proved to be so useful that I gave it our Editor’s Choice award.

It may have seemed strange to some that there wasn’t a 6/6+ version, but Hurst and his team began working on this before the 6/6+ existed. Now, there’s an iPhone 6 version in the works, and there’s a Kickstarter to help bring it to fruition. There’s a key difference between the 5 and the 6 version. The one of the iPhone 6 comes in two parts: a shock-absorbent rubber core and a hard outer shell with the prism lens. The original COVR Photo was a unibody hard shell that proved a little difficult to take off, but this new design remedies that.

There’s an app, too, to help you take pictures because the prism design renders the image upside down in the dedicated camera. Essentially, the app flips the image right side up. The prism also slides back, so that you can use the regular lens as well. There is a bevy of rewards in this kickstarter, including signed prints from Hurst’s 20-year career as a photojournalist.

If you’ve been looking for a new way to take photos with your iPhone 6, check out the Kickstarter. Alternatively, you can order one for your iPhone 5/5S here.

Review: COVR Photo

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Here at The Phoblographer, we get plenty of emails from folks with ideas for ways to trick out your phone in order to help it take better photographs. These ideas almost always come with a Kickstarter link attached. Yet, most are variations on things that already exist. What you see above is the first item that made us take a step back and say, “There’s something there.” The case resting on top of my iPhone 5 is called the COVR Photo, the brainchild of Thomas Hurst, a Seattle-based photojournalist with a wealth of experience. The COVR Photo is a case designed for the iPhone 5/5S, with a 6/6+ one in the works, that has a prism lens for making iPhone photography a little more candid. Essentially, you can hold the phone like you do when you text, but you can make a photograph of whatever’s in front of you.

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Review: Manual (iOS 8)

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Shooting with my iPhone 5 has always been a hassle. That was largely because of the lack of control, and I could never seem to get the images quite right. Having spent years with a variety of cameras, I’m predisposed towards buttons and dials. Then I saw a video for an app called Manual by a company called Little Pixels. It promised control of shutter speed, ISO and a number of other things all for the price of $1.99. More over, it didn’t have that dreaded “Offers in-app purchases.” For two bucks, I could essentially unlock the features of my phone that Apple kept hidden away.

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With the FLIR ONE iPhone 5/5S Case, You Can See Heat Signatures

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Thermal imaging is coming to an iPhone near you with the FLIR ONE case. FLIR’s been in the heat signature game for a while at the professional scale for hunters and the like, but this is its first foray into the general public. For a cool $350, you can outfit your iPhone 5/5S with a FLIR ONE, and with the accompanying app, you can see heat in all sorts of ways. It will pick up heat from humans, animals and the environment from up to 100 meters away. The case is so sensitive that it can even pick up heat left by a footprint on a carpet after the person has walked away.. The app lets you set how the thermal image is displayed, and you can save images to your camera roll.

Anyone worried about it siphoning off energy from your iPhone’s battery will be delighted to know that the FLIR ONE has a built-in battery that’ll work up to four hours. It’ll can also function as a backup battery, giving your iPhone 50 percent more juice. The case should be available in spring this year, and you can preorder it now.

There are obvious uses, such as security and safety, but you could probably let your inner James Bond loose, at least in part, with this device.

Via TechCrunch

The Ladibird Case Transforms Your iPhone Into a Serious Portraiture Device

ladibird iphone camera

Real invention is scarce these days, especially when seeing the major brands playing it safe and releasing the same thing over and over again. It’s refreshing to see some really new stuff every once in a while–and the ladibird iPhone case definitely qualifies. The device is a bit like a Ricoh GXR module in that it houses a large sensor and a prime lens, and uses the iPhone 5 as its camera body. But what it does to your iPhone is simply spectacular: it transforms it into a serious portraiture camera!

The ladibird has been successfully crowdfunded over at Indiegogo, and is now preparing for mass production. Once development is finished, you’ll be able to buy an iPhone case that holds a large sensor as well as a 50mm f1.8 prime lens that’ll let you take pictures both in low light and with strong subject isolation and beautiful bokeh. As for the size of the sensor, and whether the lens is a real 50mm or just a full-frame equivalent, that information is not available yet.

When the ladibird hits the market, it will be available for US-$ 315 according to the Indiegogo page. While that may be a lot of cash for an iPhone case, it’s really not that expensive considering what you’d pay for a real DSLR or mirrorless camera with an equivalent lens. Currently, the ladibird is expected to reach mass production during 2014. We really hope that we’ll get to see it by the end of the year, as this is definitely one of the most intriguing announcements as of late.

Sony’s Image Sensor Business is Thriving


You’d think Sony would enjoy most of its success with televisions and cameras, but you’d be wrong. One of its largest, most successful businesses is the image sensor for mobile devices. Roughly 80% of its image sensors, according to a spokesman for Sony, are sold to other companies, most notably Samsung and Apple, not that Sony’d tell you that. The bulk of its profits from last quarter in its device division came from sales of its sensors. While Sony’s Xperia line has been well received, it hasn’t gained enough ground to even touch Samsung and Apple, but it’s already a part of the best-selling phones thanks to years of R+D in image sensors. Tear-downs of some popular phones show that the chips are used in the iPhone 5, 4S, and Galaxy S4. Now, it controls a third of the image sensor market.

Via Sony Alpha Rumors

New CF-Card and All-in-One Readers with Lightning Interface Make iPad Your Media Hub

iPhone5mod All-in-One iPad Lightning Card Reader

iPhone5mod, creater of iPad and iPhone accessories, has just introduced a new CF card reader and an all-in-one card reader with Lightning interface. Both can be used with the latest generation of iPhones and iPads which come with the new Lightning connector instead of Apple’s old 30-pin connector. This is especially good news for those of us who recently migrated to the latest generation iPhone or iPad and were left without a (native) solution to get our data on our devices. Well, here it is now. The iPhone5mod CF card reader is available for US-$ 24.90, while the all-in-one card reader comes in it US-$ 36.90. They can be ordered from iPhone5mod’s website.

Photojojo is Now Selling the Adventure Suit for the iPhone 5


Adventure cams are all the rage and companies are battling it out for dominance. Smartphones aren’t known for their ruggedness but companies like the Optrix have been working hard to change that. Personally I wouldn’t place my phone in water regardless of what the manufacturer says but Optrix states that the case is rated at 15ft where the competition Lifeproof is only rated for 3ft. Also if you are one who is prone to dropping or attaching the phone to someone doing extreme sports it’s good to know the case  can take a 15ft fall. The display and ports are still accessible while the case is on so you’ll have less hassle when using it. What truly makes this case special to me is the built in wide angle lens which makes all the difference when recording sports.

The Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit is now available from Photojojo for $130. If you would like add the Super Sucker Mount it will run you an additional $50. This allows you to attach your phone to attach the case to various things like a surfboard or car.

Trygger is a Polarizer For Your iPhone 5; May Help You Dominate the #Landscape Hashtag on Instagram

iPhone 5 Trygger Camera Clip



When I saw this I thought…not another Olloclip! The Trygger is all about leaving your iPhone’s lens at its normal focal length but add a polarizer over it to make your images more natural. The polarizer will block unwanted reflections and make the color pop without the need of some lousy filter.

The two guys behind the project have already had a successful Kickstarter for previous phones and are now looking to create a snug attachment for your iPhone 5. The product is selling for $30 now while it is getting funded and will cost a bit more at $40 when it’s available for retail. Head over to their new Kickstarter page to check out the video and examples with the lens.

Olloclip For iPhone 5 is Now Available For Preorder

For those of us iPhoneographers out there or those of us who hate that term but love lenses, Olloclip is now available for preorder for the iPhone 5. I was hoping that they would announce some kind of adapter for previous owners but it looks like fans of the Olloclip will have to pony up full price for a new model made specifically for the tall boy iPhone.

The new lens system will retail for $69 and comes in an all black, black with red lenses and another with white casing with black lenses. The new Olloclip is slated for shipping at the end of November and are available here. Personally, I will be sticking with my cheap $5 eBay lenses.