Awesome DIY Vintage Camera Lamp Project

7151250641_f91c4d6e42_cPhotos by Stacie Stacie Stacie. Used with CC BY permission.

If you’re a vintage camera collector or if you just love diving into a really good do-it-yourself project, here’s an awesome and useful one that you can get into to distract you from those winter blues.

Popular New York City-based blog Stars for Streetlights published a tutorial on how to take your old – and obviously non-functioning, since it wouldn’t be right to use working ones – film cameras and turn them into a really neat “upcycled” camera table lamp last year. Taking inspiration from the camera lamps she’s seen on the Internet, like Etsy seller Dan Riordan’s $150 Polaroid Camera lamps and Anthropologie’s vintage-looking Tripod lamp, blog author Stacie stitches together a modern lamp using some old cameras from her own collection.

This DIY projects involves a little bit of mechanical aptitude, but with easily acquired materials like the Make-A-Lamp lighting kit by Westinghouse, a cold weld, and a bunch of old color slides that you can easily find in flea markets or on eBay for cheap, it’s definitely something anybody can do, especially since there’s less than 10 steps to make both the stand and the lamp shade. And not only will it let you salvage those unusable cameras you have lying around by giving them a new purpose, it also makes for a fun holiday gift or your own home accent with a statement.


To find out more about this project and see the step-by-step process, check out the tutorial here.

Via Stars for Streetlights


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