This Tutorial Video Makes Night Sky Time Lapse Shooting Look Easy

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The night sky is probably one of the hardest things to photograph since not only does it require skill, it is more than anything a test of patience and some knowledge of how the earth moves.

First of all, you would have to find a really dark spot away from civilization, where you would probably spend hours to get the perfect shot, so that the city lights aren’t polluting the sky – if you live in a big city like New York, Los Angeles, or Paris, this part isn’t easily accomplished. Then you’d have to know to use different techniques for different subjects; with shooting star trails, for example, you’d need really long exposures; on the other hand, you cannot leave the shutter open too long when shooting the Milky Way. Plus there are all these other things you’d have to consider, like knowing where the North Star is and finding the right foreground to add dimension to your shot.

As complex as it is to capture on camera though, the night sky has always proved a mesmerizing subject, not only because its majestic and pretty but also because it’s the perfect reminder of how truly vast the universe is. And tutorials on how to capture it right are always a nice relief to those of us who want to take on the challenge.

Thankfully, the folks at Tutsplus recently published a Starlight Time Lapse Video tutorial to add to the endless list of night sky photography resources available to us on the Internet. Their (very detailed) tutorial discusses everything from finding the right location to what settings you would be using to how you would be stitching together your shots to create your time lapse video. And they are making the whole process sound like a piece of cake that you wouldn’t be able to resist.

See their end result after the jump.


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