Awesome DIY Vintage Camera Lamp Project

7151250641_f91c4d6e42_cPhotos by Stacie Stacie Stacie. Used with CC BY permission.

If you’re a vintage camera collector or if you just love diving into a really good do-it-yourself project, here’s an awesome and useful one that you can get into to distract you from those winter blues.

Popular New York City-based blog Stars for Streetlights published a tutorial on how to take your old – and obviously non-functioning, since it wouldn’t be right to use working ones – film cameras and turn them into a really neat “upcycled” camera table lamp last year. Taking inspiration from the camera lamps she’s seen on the Internet, like Etsy seller Dan Riordan’s $150 Polaroid Camera lamps and Anthropologie’s vintage-looking Tripod lamp, blog author Stacie stitches together a modern lamp using some old cameras from her own collection.

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