Fujifilm Manager Says No Plans for Full Frame X-Mount Camera


In an interview recently conducted by the Thai website 2how.com, Fujifilm manager Kawahara-san claims that at this point, the company had no plans to introduce a full-frame X-mount camera. The question came up because such a camera body has recently been asked for by fans of the X-system, in part due to the fact that Sony recently introduced the world’s first mirrorless full-frame camera that is not a Leica M rangerfinder. It would seem only logical that we’d see more cameras like the A7 and A7R in the near future.

Kawahara-san mentions a couple of convincing reasons for not going full frame with the X-system, though. For one, current X lenses would not be compatible with the new camera because they were designed for APS-C sensors. Also, part of the X-system’s formula is overall small size, which would be compromised by introducing a full-frame sensor along with new lenses that will work with it.

The good news though is that Fujifilm is continuing to actively improve their current models by listening to the wishes of their customers and providing firmware upgrades. They’ll continue to do so, which is part of the reason they won’t introduce an X-Pro 2 soon. Instead, they want their customers to use their cameras longer in their life. That’s actually one of the best things we’ve heard from any industry official all year, because it means the company won’t make your new camera obselete in half year or a year from now, further nurturing the throwaway culture.

The full interview is after the break, and it’s well worth spending ten minutes for it, if you’re into the Fujifilm X-system at all.

Via Fuji Rumors

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