Nikkor 35mm f1.8G Lens for Nikon FX Cameras Reportedly Coming to CES


Nikon Rumors reports that a Nikkor 35mm f1.8G lens for FX format cameras will come for CES, which will take place in Las Vegas in early January next year. Currently, Nikon has a 35mm f1.8G lens for DX (APS-C) cameras in its lineup, along with a 35mm f1.4G for the FX full frame system. The next best thing Nikon has for FX users is the 35mm f2D, so it seems it was about time to introduce a more affordable and more lightweight alternative to the G-series.

For what it’s worth, the current 35mm is quite good as it covers a full frame sensor (who would have thought?) but isn’t so sharp in the corner. Still, it’s a lens that you’re bound to keep with you for a while.

The exact release date as well as the retail price of the lens are currently unknown, but it should be somewhere in between the 35mm f1.4G for FX and the 35mm f1.8G for DX. Truthfully, Nikon should make this a kit option at some point.