Chris Bakley’s Photos of the Night Sky at the Jersey Shore Will Captivate You


All images owned by Chris Bakely. Used with permission

Chris Bakely is a photographer that hails from the Jersey Shore. Normally when many folks think about the area, they associate it with the MTV show. But indeed, there is a lot more to it. Chris believes that the night sky out there goes too unnoticed; and his photos seem to have us agreeing. Chris started photographing around two years ago with a point and shoot. Then became obsessed with capturing night scenes.

“When I am out there under the night sky everything else just disappears, no past, no future, no worries, no problems, just the moment and that is exactly what I am looking to capture and share in my photographs!” says Chris.

His photos are after the jump.



IMG_5149 copy








IMG_8765 copy


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