Tenba’s New Lifestyle Photos For Their Camera Bags Are Hilarious


While camera bags are some very lusty items in the photo world, it’s not every day that we see them contrasted with a very scantily clad model: let alone a Sumo wrestler. However, those are the new images that Tenba has on their website right now. The images are in promotion of their Messenger DNA bags: a new line that is designed to appeal more to the New Yorker and the commuter. And while the company is today announcing three new Classic Collection bags, the real story is in their Messenger DNA product photos.

But to quickly talk about the Classic bags, the company is launching the Tenba 2, P211, and P415 camera bags. Granted, all of these bags were introduced many years ago (perhaps longer than lots of us were born) but they are modern updates that emphasize a low profile look while keeping features like Tenba’s lower lens compartment (providing you actually use it the way it’s designed to be used.)

Tenba Classic bags began shipping on December 1st at a suggested retail price of $59.95 for the Tenba 2, $89.95 for the P211, and $169.95 for the P415.

More of the photos and about the Classic collection are after the jump.






Classic Collection

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