The 50 States of Lego: A Photo Project Featuring Each State


All images by Jeff Friesen. Used with permission.

Jeff Friesen is a photographer that, like many others, found inspiration in LEGOs for a photo project. His 50 States of LEGO images is his latest creation and it may even be added to the number of awards that he’s already garnered. The project was spawned when working with his daughter and trying to work within the limits of her LEGO toys. The objective was to create a scene depicting something from each of the 50 states.

And quite a bit of set design went into it.

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Phoblographer: What inspired you to create this project?


Jeff: Every summer I look after my 7-year old daughter in the afternoon and we set up a little tabletop studio where we take pictures of her toys. I began making Lego depictions of the Canadian provinces for a laugh. There are only 10 provinces so the fun ended too soon. I used to live in the US and got to thinking it would be a challenge to do all 50 states…I actually thought it might be impossible, considering the limitations of my daughter’s Lego collection and the fact that there are 16 states I have not visited. It was also important to me that the jokes were fairly good-natured.

Phoblographer: A project like this would obviously require story boarding and more. Tell us a little bit about what went into the creation of the images.

Jeff: As for the process, I kept a list of all 50 states and kept adding ideas to them based on the limitations of my daughter’s Lego collection. For example, it would have been nice to build the St. Louis Arch for Missouri but I don’t have enough bricks to do it in a pleasing scale. I do have the bricks to build a raft, however, which led to the Tom and Huckleberry raft scene. Many times the bricks guided the work rather than my first ideas for a scene. The backgrounds are all cut up construction paper. It could have been all Lego but too many Lego studs can be distracting and the paper smoothed things out. Minimal photoshop work is done for color correction and minor special effects such as removing the string from “flying” objects.

Here are a couple more of the images.











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