Large Format Lego Camera: An Interview with Cary Norton

julius motal the phoblographer legotron cary norton camera 01

That right there is the Legotron Mark I, a masterful DIY concoction from Cary Norton, an Alabama-based photographer. It was borne of two very simple loves: large format photography and Legos. The planning process was virtually nonexistent, and the timeline was amorphous. It was a passion project that progressed incrementally. When it finally came to fruition, Norton photographed with it, and it worked.

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The 50 States of Lego: A Photo Project Featuring Each State


All images by Jeff Friesen. Used with permission.

Jeff Friesen is a photographer that, like many others, found inspiration in LEGOs for a photo project. His 50 States of LEGO images is his latest creation and it may even be added to the number of awards that he’s already garnered. The project was spawned when working with his daughter and trying to work within the limits of her LEGO toys. The objective was to create a scene depicting something from each of the 50 states.

And quite a bit of set design went into it.

You can also follow the project on Twitter for more.

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