Useful Photography Tip #74: Don’t Forget About the Color Channel Tools in Lightroom

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Today’s Useful Photography Tip is super quick and will require more of an effort on your behalf for you to actually see the differences.

When many people are starting out in Adobe Lightroom’s Develop interface, they tend to focus on the minor things like the saturation slider, vibrance, contrast, etc. But what they don’t know is that if you play with the color channels individually, you can bring greater life to your image through saturation of specific colors, changing the overall hues, and even changing how bright some of the color channels appear.

The next time you’re not in a rush to edit, give this one a try. And if you think this one is too simple, then why do people complain in forums about color depth so much? The truth is that modern day cameras have a color depth that is more than capable of handling every day needs but can be a bit more problematic when it comes to working with concerts or abnormal lighting.

Oh yeah–and if that isn’t enough then try making the blacks in your image deeper. Deeper blacks tend to fool the human eye into thinking that something is sharper than it really is.