Weekend Humor: The Nikon Df’s Buttons and Dials are Just Bells and Whistles


Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t. We’re serious.

Heralded as the anti-A7, the Nikon Df was met with lukewarm reaction. In a video about the Df, a National Geographic photographer spoke about Nikon without really saying anything about the Df. Reports say that the production assistant in that video was waving a paycheck instead of a cue card. Still, the photographer didn’t really say anything of substance about the Df. Most of the blasé attitude towards the Df stems from its design. “Too many bells and whistles,” say the people. An anonymous source inside Nikon said, “Yeah.”

“We were drunk one night,” our source told us over the phone. He asked to be identified by the letter Q. “And the chief designer had just finished his second bottle of wine when he asked, ‘How many f***ing buttons d’you think we could put on this thing?'” The designer then drew a box on a napkin, and around the box he drew some bells and whistles. “Yeah! Lookit!” he purportedly screamed.

julius motal weekend humor nikon df

The design team then set to work on creating what would eventually be announced. “All of the stuff the buttons are supposed to do can be accessed via the menu,” Q told us. “Really, those buttons are just for show.” We didn’t believe him until he sent us a unit for a few days, and we found that they come off as easily as a pen cap.

If you adjust one of the dials on the left side of the viewfinder and press the middle button, you’ll hear a bell. If you do the same to the right of the viewfinder, you’ll hear a whistle. When you press the shutter, confetti shoots out of the hot shoe and a white flag comes out of the lens.

“BANG! You shot a photo,” is emblazoned on the flag.

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