Peak Design’s POV Kit Lets You Use Any Camera Like a GoPro

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Peak Design POV Kit

Peak Design, the guys behind the Capture Clip which we reviewed here at The Phoblographer (both the original and the new pro version), have recently been funding a new product via Kickstarter, called the POV Kit. Basically, it’s an attachment for your Capture Clip, and it lets you use pretty much any camera like a GoPro. At Photo Plus Expo 2013, we got a short demonstration of the device, and we have to say that Peak Design seems to have done it again.

What makes the POV Kit so appealing is that if you already own a camera that can record HD video, it’ll let you mount that camera to any place that you can mount a Capture Clip to, i.e. your belt, your backpack strap etc. You’ll be able to record video in much the same way that you’d do with a GoPro (or similar) camera, but using the camera you already have.

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Peak Design POV Kit

The POV Kit is currently being shipped to Kickstarter backers, and regular orders are scheduled to ship in November this year, which isn’t really far off now. So if you’ve been thinking of doing some action sports videography, but don’t want to shell out the cash for a dedicated camcorder, the Peak Design POV Kit might just be the right thing for you. At a retail price of US-$ 29.95, there isn’t really much of a reason not to spring for it.

The Peak Design POV Kit can be pre-ordered at B&H Photo.

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