Review: OP/TECH Utility Strap-Sling (Customized)


I do appreciate when a company can surprise me twice.  The Utility Strap- Sling from Op/Tech is low cost, nicely built and proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to comfortably hold a camera. After testing their SLR Wrist strap, Op/Tech contacted us and we got a custom strap made for The Phoblographer. Op/Tech offers nice customizations options for their straps. After some thorough testing here are my thoughts on this strap.

Pros and Cons


  • Low cost
  • Can be customized
  • Neoprene padding is very comfortable
  • It holds the camera from the eyelet for the camera strap instead of the tripod mount. You can put your camera on the tripod without taking off the strap.


  • Slightly shorter than other straps. I had to use an extension for it to feel Comfortable
  • The strap gets twisted easily.
  • Not comfortable with a DSLR with a bigger lens.

Gear Used

I tested this with my Nikon D700, D90 and D5100 and my Olympus EP1 with a variety of lenses. I also used my Nikon FM 80-200 no AI Lens I also used my 3LeggedThing Brian tripod.

 Tech Specs

Tech specs taken from B&H

  • Fits Small Bags, Battery Packs, Cameras
  • Adjusts From 26.5-31″
  • Neoprene Pad with Lycra Binding
  • 3/4″ Webbing
  • Internal Support Foam
  • Attaches with Uni-Loop System
  • Quick Disconnect System Connectors
  • Non-skid Surface
  • Made in the USA



Once again, we’d like to remind our readers that this strap was customized just for us.

The strap is minimalist. It provides everything you need to carry the a camera. If you have an Op/Tech Hand strap there is a connector making it easy to switch back and forth.


The Uni-Loop connectors are simple and strong connecting to the  eyelit of the camera. The are also interchangeable with OP/TECH USA neck straps, wrist straps or harness systems.


The strap connector is a hard black plastic. It is very durable and holds a decent amount of weight.

Build Quality


For its cost it’s built very well. The nylon webbing is a little skinny and strong. The strap is also very sturdy overall. I’ve abused it. I got caught in a little rain with this strap and it dried quickly; which we didn’t totally expect. The connectors are strong. The simple design of the strap gives it a good look without being overly flashy. Many photographers may appreciate the overall low profile look.

Ease of Use


The strap is straightforward to use and because it is compatible with the hand strap, I was able to use this strap within seconds of opening it. If you have ever used a sling strap before this is a no-brainer. There are no extra bells and whistles to worry about. The strap is strong and you don’t worry about the camera much. You do have to get used to how the camera hangs. While most camera straps hang from the bottom, the Utility Strap-Sling hangs from the side.

Comfort Level


The strap is very comfortable. I was not expecting that. Because of its price, I was expecting it to feel cheap on my arm. The utility strap’s curved neoprene pad distributes the weight nicely on my arm. The strap does not slip at all–which was one of our concerns.



The Utility camera strap, with the sling attachment, is an effective tool that won’t make your wallet miserable. Most photographers will find the regular Op/Tech Utility Strap-Sling useful. Small companies or photography clubs will love the customization option.

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Gevon Servo

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