Review: Op/Tech SLR Wrist Strap


We have reviewed various wrist straps. They come from great companies like HoldFast, A7 and Tap and Dye. These straps have all been well designed, wonderfully constructed with luxurious materials and have been stylish. They all have just one fault. They are bloody expensive for a photographer like me. First and foremost, I am a husband and a father. This means I have to be just a bit more frugal than most. While I would love to own any one of those elegant wrist straps, it’s not possible. I have to invest more in my camera bodies, lighting, and lenses. I also have to maintain a photography fund for emergency needs. These things make my photography more functional, but I needed a wrist strap to make my photography life more comfortable. When I found and purchased the OP/TECH USA SLR Wrist Strap I was extremely satisfied.

Pros and Cons


Economical yet extremely functional.

The wrist strap comes in a few different colors.

Works with most cameras


If you keep the strap too tight, after a while, your wrist will sweat a little.

Gear Used

I tested this with my Nikon D700, D90, and lenses like my Tamron 28-105 f2.8 as well as my Nikon 85mm 1.8 D

Tech Specs

Tech specs taken from Adorama

  • Fits most SLR cameras and binoculars
  • Neoprene strap secures comfortably around the wrist
  • Security slide tightens the strap around the wrist
  • Made in the USA
  • Recommended Load: Up to 10 lbs (4.53kg)
  • Carry Style: Wrist
  • # of Connection Points: One
  • Connection Type: Uni Loop
  • Strap Length: 11″ (27,9cm)
  • Pad Dimensions: 1.375″ by 5″ Neoprene (3,49cm – 12,7cm)
  • Quick Disconnects: Yes
  • Materials: Neoprene pad, nylon webbing and leather tab



The Op/Tech SLR wrist strap is mostly characterized by the fact that it has a loop of 1/4″ tubular nylon webbing.


It uses the Uni-Loop System Connectors, which allow the wrist strap to be compatible with Op/Tech neck straps and harnesses.


Like any buckle, it’s easily disconnected, yet strong.


For comfort, the stap has neoprene to go around your wrist that adjusts easily  and even fits around my coats.

Build Quality

Generally the OP/TECH USA SLR Wrist Strap is strong. The neoprene wrist strap feels resilient yet elastic. The nylon webbing, which connects the camera to the eyelet, can handle a decent amount of weight.  The quick connect is sturdy. I am not going to swing my camera over my head, like I could with a Vulture Equipment Works A4 Camera Strap, but if I mistakenly let go of the camera while it’s attached to my wrist, I will not worry.

Ease of Use


From Op/Tech

It can’t be easier to put on to the camera. You unlock the quick release, then you thread the uni loop through the eyelet for the camera strap and pass the quick disconnect through the uni loop. Then pull it tight. It’s that simple. Honestly, the OP/TECH USA SLR Wrist Strap does what it’s supposed to do. It’s common sense reallhe instructions are clear.

In Use


After using this strap a while, I must say it pretty comfortable. If it gets a little wet it does dry off rather quickly. Wearing a thick coat and gloves, the strap fits fine with no issues. If you are putting your camera in the bag, no worries the strap is easy to take off. If you are a tripod user and need to put your camera on it, the Op/Tech Wrist strap does not get in the way. It hangs off the camera and stays out the way.



This was a great purchase.  I purchased another OP/TECH USA SLR Wrist Strap for my Nikon D90. I am very fond of this wrist strap. It’s functional and very low cost. With my Nikon D700 attached via this wrist strap, I have walked around New York City devoid of a sense of terror. It does not get me compliments as it is not a stylish brand, but it gets the job done.

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