Useful Photography Tip #70: Don’t Get Caught Up in Buying Gear and Not Learn How to Use It

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony A99 at lomo party (3 of 3)ISO 400

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This post is inspired by the loads and loads of people that I’ve seen this past weekend at New York Comic Con that I’ve consistently seen not pay attention to what they were doing when taking photos. For example, my friend who worked incredibly hard on her cosplay ended up getting some really terribly lit photos from one person who had a camera, a good lens, and an on-camera flash. The problem was this: they pointed the flash towards the ground and also had a diffuser on it.

So why is this bad? Well, the diffuser is already cutting down the flash power and when you bounce it off the floor, you’re lighting the person from below and killing details on the subject.

A better idea would have instead to have bounced the flash above and behind slightly to fill in any shadows that might occur.

Now–don’t think I’m trying to point out just this occurrence. It happens often–folks think that if they just buy the latest and greatest gear, that they’ll get better photos. But it isn’t true. And for that, we think that people need to really learn their gear inside out.

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