Weekend Humor: Flickr Users Grow Disenchanted With the Yahoo! Toolbar

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Mail…news….sports….finance….no one clicks it!

Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t, ya rube.

Earlier this year, Yahoo! gave its flagging photo service an extreme makeover. With a sleek tiled design and a terabyte for all of those selfies, Flickr reentered public consciousness. Flickr was cool again, and even though most “groups” haven’t been updated in four years, everything seemed okay. The toolbar wasn’t noticed at first, but steadily, people took issue with it. There isn’t any conceivable way to get rid of the vestige of Web 1.0. Toolbars were only ever found on your grandmother’s computer, but for some reason, Yahoo! brought back the granny-bar in full force. Flickr’s users have been less than satisfied.

“It’s so gross,” said Tammy Mason, a 14-year-old Flickr user and serial cereal shooter. “Like, really, really gross. I hate purple, makes me think of that stupid dinosaur. Make it go away.” Mason has been using Flickr since she was 11. This goes against Flickr’s terms of service, but a friend told her the internet doesn’t know she’s not 13. When Mason realized that Yahoo! wouldn’t take it away, she took a Sharpie to the top of her screen and blotted it out.

“Good God, what the f*** were they thinking?” asked John Donovan, a 47-year-old graphic designer in Williamsburg. “Who uses Yahoo! anyway? And what’s with that exclamation mark? I’ve never been excited when I said Yahoo!.” Donovan’s been a Flickr user since 2008, and he’s used it as a showcase for his designs. Most of his uploads have 0 views.

“I keep paging the designer to take the bloody thing down,” said Marissa Mayer, Yahoo!’s CEO. “It’s such a drag.” Upon visiting Yahoo!’s HQ, we saw that every employee has a beeper. Passing glances at corporate computers showed that everyone but Mayer has a GMail account.

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