Flickr Has Been Home to Promiscuous and Pornographic Photos (NSFW)

Tumblr had the hammer brought down on them for NSFW content, but Flickr avoided this somehow.

“Always thought that was more of a 500px thing,” said Phoblographer’s Reviews Editor Paul Ip in our staff Facebook chat. The rest of the staff agreed and never knew about the porn community on Flickr. To Mr. Ip’s point, 500px was always known for its affinity for nudes produced by Russian photographers. Depending on how liberal-minded you are, nudity and pornography aren’t the same things. Most people probably aren’t aware of Flickr’s more wild side. Ask most photographers in your friend circle or network, and you’ll find that most don’t use Flickr anymore. If they do, then they’re probably over the age of 35.

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Getty Images and Flickr End Their Partnership After Five Years


Getty Images and Flickr have ended their five-year partnership and have no plans to renew a contract. Since 2008 the partnership allowed Getty Images to browse through Flickr galleries and invite photographers to license out their work to Getty Image’s creative, commercial, and business buyers. The stock photography company said it was still open to working with Yahoo and Flickr.

The Flickr collection on Getty Images will now form the basis of a new house collection called “Moment,” which will now take images from contributors submitting directly to Getty for consideration. Instead of Getty Images searching through Flickr, camera shooters will have to send in full-sized, captioned photos for review and selection. While Getty won’t be actively seeking out new contributors on Yahoo’s photo sharing site, photographers who have already signed a contract won’t be affected as stated by a Getty email to Flickr Collection contributors.

“Your status as a contributor to Getty Images is unchanged by this news. Your current agreement with Getty Images remains the same and agreements will NOT be terminated by us as a result of this change, no matter how few images you have on”

As Getty moves away from Flickr it seems the company is shifting its curators to a wider range of sources including its new Moment app for iOS devices. Mobile users will also be able to contribute pictures to the new Moment collection from their smartphones using the new Moment-Mobile App.

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Flickr Was Down For a While Yesterday; How Many of You Really Cared?


In the past week or so, folks have been complaining about Yahoo! mail being down. When it came back up, Flickr apparently went down. The site Is It Down reported that Flickr went down before 12:24PM–specifically TechCrunch states that it went down at around 11AM. The famous news site also states that a velocity of tweets came in with people talking about Flickr being down.

Usually when a website goes down, we expect lots of new changes but indeed Flickr doesn’t really have very much new to it. This all ties into a bigger problem where it seems overall that Yahoo! has been having a bad week. At least Tumblr hasn’t gone down yet.

We cannot find any confirmation as to whether the mobile app was down as well.

This triggers a bigger question though: if Flickr were really totally gone, how much would it still affect the modern photo community as a whole? Many of us here at the Phoblographer don’t believe that there is a single, strong photo sharing site/community with Behance being the only thing close. 500px showed lots of promise but didn’t integrate the many more features to make it much more of a community. Instagram surely is one, and Tumblr is also quite image centric; but they’re not really places to develop a full conversation the way Flickr was in its heyday.

Weekend Humor: Flickr Users Grow Disenchanted With the Yahoo! Toolbar

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 11.08.31 PM

Mail…news….sports….finance….no one clicks it!

Weekend Humor isn’t meant to be taken seriously. So don’t, ya rube.

Earlier this year, Yahoo! gave its flagging photo service an extreme makeover. With a sleek tiled design and a terabyte for all of those selfies, Flickr reentered public consciousness. Flickr was cool again, and even though most “groups” haven’t been updated in four years, everything seemed okay. The toolbar wasn’t noticed at first, but steadily, people took issue with it. There isn’t any conceivable way to get rid of the vestige of Web 1.0. Toolbars were only ever found on your grandmother’s computer, but for some reason, Yahoo! brought back the granny-bar in full force. Flickr’s users have been less than satisfied. Continue reading…

Yahoo! Buys IQ Engines to Enhance Flickr’s Search Functionality

julius motal the phoblographer flickr iq engine

Flickr’s search functionality has always been a bit spotty. Given its massive trove of images, finding the one you want is a bit of a tall order as you can’t always rely on folks to properly tag what they’re uploading. That’s about to change with Yahoo!’s acquisition of IQ Engines, a company that helps you to automatically tag and organize your photos, which will ultimately make Flickr’s search functionality far more comprehensive. Anyone looking for a Google Images alternative can most definitely look to Flickr now that IQ Engines is joining its team.

With Marissa Mayer at the helm of Yahoo!, I think everyone can rest assured that Flickr will reclaim its lost glory, and it’s refreshing to see Mayer taking the necessary steps to streamline what is both a great product and community. Ever since the refresh several months ago, Flickr’s been on the up and up. It isn’t clear when IQ Engines’ functionality will go live, but it will be a welcome update when it does.

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Yahoo! Weather App Comes to Android; Pulls Images of the Weather From Flickr Users


Back in April, Yahoo! announced a new weather app that pledged to make checking out the weather on your phone a beautiful experience. The app was for iOS devices and pulls “images from the Flickr community around the globe of the weather from the very locations you’re interested in let you see the weather even more beautiful than ever before, no matter if sunshine, drizzle or impressive thunderstorms.” according to a recent blog post. In order to have your photos featured, they need to be submitted to the Project Weather Flickr Group–where the images will be randomly selected.

Today, the company announced that the app is available for Android devices in the Google Play store–letting users not only be able to check the weather, but see it too.

A demo is after the jump.

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Flickr’s Groups Finally Get a Refresh

julius motal the phoblographer flickr group

Yahoo! breathed new life into its flagging Flickr. It had a seemingly archaic design that proved increasingly difficult to navigate on tablets. Moreover, it had lost its spark, but that all changed with the design overhaul. With a new tiled look and a free terabyte for each user, Flickr was back at the top of its game, but the update didn’t cover all areas of the site. Groups, one of the most important sections, still existed with the old layout.

Fortunately, that’s no longer the case as the Groups area has been brought up to speed with the rest of the site. When you click on Groups, you’re brought to a swanky tiled view, each a group a square with a lead image, and along the right side, you’ll see sponsored groups and groups Flickr “noticed”.

Once inside a group, you’re immediately taken to the photos where they’re shrunk accordingly like your photostream to create a sort of mosaic. The latest discussions are available on the left side as well as relevant news. It’s all much more visually pleasing. Now you won’t have to worry about going back in time when you check out some groups.

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The Phoblographer Weekly Recap: May 27th 2013

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fujifilm vs Zeiss comparison product shots (1 of 3)ISO 4001-60 sec at f - 2.8

“The Phoblographer Weekly Recap” is a new feature where we recap the week’s most popular posts. Each weekend, we will present you the top ten posts of the week for your perusal. If you’ve missed any of our popular stories that week, you’ll find them here. Among this week’s top posts: Zeiss 32mm f1.8 vs Fujifilm 35mm f1.4, Tips for Photographing Strangers and Cat Bearding Is the Newest Photo Meme. Find the complete breakdown after the jump.

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The Staff Speaks: How Marissa Mayer Can Save Flickr

The Phoblographer has a Flickr group, but to be quite honest, we don’t do much with it. Though most of us were at least at one time very avid Flickr users, we’ve all gone our separate ways. Me personally, I run a Flickr group as part of my day job. So with the recent news of Marisa Mayer becoming the new CEO of Flickr coupled with the single serving sites created around the whole shebang, we chatted amongst ourselves about how Flickr can be saved and changed.

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