Flickr Pampers iOS Users, Gives Them Auto-Upload and Auto-Straightening

Flickr for iOS

Flickr has just announced a new version of its mobile app for iOS devices, including to new features of debatable usefulness. In an apparent attemp to further pamper its iOS user base, Yahoo! decided to add an auto-upload as well as an auto-straightening function to its Flickr app. While the former automatically uploads any image you take to your Flickr (as a private picture, mind you, until you make it public), the latter attemps to automatically straighten crooked horizons (or whatever else appears to be crooked in your picture. Noses come to mind.) Both are quite obviously aimed at people who are either lazy or taking pictures of their meals and pets all day long. Or both.

In the announcing blog post, the Flickr team describes uploading pictures from your iOS device to Flickr as a “really painful and time-consuming process.” Now that’s exactly how we here at The Phoblographer feel each and every time that we upload a picture to Flickr! But not so much because of the process itself, but because of that nagging voice of doubt in the back of our heads that wouldn’t stop telling us we should rather have uploaded it to 500px.

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