Petition Asks WPPI To Drop Jasmine Star and Doug Gordon for Plagiarizing

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In an extremely interesting use of’s petitioning efforts, photographers have seemingly gathered together to protest Jasmine Star and Doug Gordon from teaching at the seminar. According to the petition, the reasons for this are due to claims of plagiarization from the two well known photographers. The comments and signatures are quite interesting as one states,

“Nobody’s perfect, but deliberately allowing unethical people to teach the next generation of photographers is a recipe for disaster.”

The petition is targeted at the organizers of the show and at the time of publishing this article it has received almost 300 signatures.

It’s an extremely interesting use of photographers trying to democratize and protest the trade shows that they go to. For a long time WPPI and the Kelby Tours have been two of the biggest sources of education for many creatives as they often go all across the US.

In the coming months, we’re not sure how this will affect the careers of the creatives as Jasmine in particular has created a complete empire from being a marketing genius. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Via R/Photography

Chris Gampat

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