The Edgertronic is a New High-Speed Video Camera That Captures Up to 17,791 FPS

Edgertronic High-Speed Video Camera

I think everyone will agree that both high-speed photography and videography are amazing to look at. Seeing how individual drops from a splash of water dance through the air gives you a totally new perspective on things. Alas, high-speed video cameras–especially those that shoot at really insanely high framerates–are incredibly expensive. Which was motivation enough for the Edgertronic’s creator Mike Matter to go and invent an actually affordable high-speed camera. Affordable, though, is to be understood in relation to other high-speed cameras, such as the Phantom Flex. The Edgertronic will still set you back more that $5k. But in the world of high-speed cameras, that is still a real bargain.

The Edgertronic features a special 1280×1024 resolution sensor as well as a Nikon F-mount, and it comes with a Nikon 50mm f1.8 D lens when you order it. At its maximum resolution, the camera is able to record video at up to 494 frames per second, while at 1280×720 HD resolution it will already speed up to 701 fps. To use the maximum possible framrate of 17,791 fps, you’ll have to dial down the resolution to 192×96 pixels, though. While that doesn’t sound like much, I am sure there are applications where this resolution is sufficient.

Currently, the Edgertronic needs to be funded in order to be produced in significant numbers. The team that built it is seeking for a minimum funding of $97,900 via Kickstarter, and there are still a number of slots left to fill. With ten more days to go, the project is currently at a little over $82k, so it needs at least three more pledges for a camera from the first batch, plus the help of those who ask for nothing more than an honorable mention.

In the meantime, here are some first sample videos taken with the Edgertronic for your enjoyment. And also to convince you to back the project.

Via NoFilmSchool

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