Alleged Photos of an Upcoming Pentax K-3 Pop Up

Pentax K-3 Alleged Leaked Image

Recently, we shared some stated leaks about a possibly upcoming full-frame Pentax. Some of our readers pointed out to us that the picture we showed was probably a photoshop job. However, the name and specs of another allegedly upcoming camera, the K-3 APS-C DSLR that we also shared, now gained a bit more credibility thanks to that newly leaked picture above. If you look closely, there are some slight differences to the Pentax K-5 II, which is why we believe this might be an actual picture of the K-3, and not a photoshopped K-5 II. Also, consider how little Pentax changed from the K-7 to the K-5 to the K-5 II …

But there’s more: Photo Rumors also reports that the K-3 will have all-crosstype AF sensors, tracking AF as well as a new flash system. Naturally though, until the K-3 gets officially announced, we can’t be certain about anything of this.