Triggertrap Mobile App Goes Version 2.0, Fixes Bugs and Adds Features

TriggerTrap Review

Triggertrap just announced version 2.0 of its mobile app that allows to remote-control any camera equipped with the Triggertrap dongle from your phone. Apart from a re-design that aims at making the app easier to use, version 2.0 also comes with a number of bugfixes and new features. One of these is the possibility to run the app in the background on Android devices, significantly reducing power usage. Among the features included in Triggertrap Mobile 2.0 is a timelapse mode with HDR function, smart shutter release functions that react to sound, a GPS signal, vibration and more, a long-exposure HDR mode, a dedicated star trail mode, WiFi triggering and more. The app is available for free on iTunes and will be available on Google’s Play Store soon.

More info on Triggertrap’s website.