Review: CamCuff Wrist Strap


When we first reported on the CamCuff, it was still just a Kickstarter. After receiving full funding, the company reached out to us about a review unit. As a refresher, the CamCuff is a wrist strap put out by Wanderlust–and they’re targeting it at the fashionable crowd. This is evident in the black leather and the studs that seem to match lots of the punk rock attitude and outfits currently out there.

We’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and we’re genuinely impressed with the build quality and the comfort level that the CamCuff gives. And even though I’m a personal sucker for beautiful and fashionable straps, we have to say that this one looks perfect for the person looking to join a biker gang or maybe even about to walk into a BDSM club.

Pros and Cons


– Very comfortable

– Very secure

– Very adjustable

– Can be used as a bracelet if you want when you unhook the camera

– Simple setup


– I really love punk rock and studs, but man this is kind of weird



The CamCuff strap is designed to be fashionable. While it is in many ways, we really can’t escape the feeling and look that we need to be more appropriately covered in tattoos and piercings to match it. But straps aren’t really just about being fashionable. They also need to be functional.


When the strap isn’t in use, it can be wrapped around your lens–providing said lens is big enough to help keep the strap situated. In order to do that, you’ll adjust the belt buckle accordingly. This is also how you attach and detach the strap from your wrist.


The inside of the strap is laced with leather and cloth interweaved for a more flexible feel and adjustment. And the studs are also on the inside.


To connect to your camera, you’ll need to detach another strap from the wrist and loop it through a strap loop. Because of this, it may not work with all cameras and you’ll need to ensure that it can work with your strap lugs first.



When the strap is connected to your camera, you’ll just need to slip it back onto your wrist strap via the clip. This clip is very well designed and extremely durable.

Build Quality

Pull, tug, and drop your camera with this strap attached: it will never give way. We tested it with the Canon 5D Mk II and a Sigma 85mm f1.4, and the Olympus OMD EM1 with a Voigtlander 17.5mm f0.95 and we never encountered a problem. Additionally, we were amazed by just how comfortable the strap was to use. Other manufacturers could surely learn from Wanderlust in this department.

Ease of Use

The CamCuff is one of the easiest and quickest straps that we’ve ever set up. Just wrap it around your wrist, adjust the belt, hook it up to your camera and then you’re all set. It’s really just that simple.


The CamCuff is an extremely straightforward and simple to use strap, but we feel that the fashionable feeling for it is a bit missed. It’s surely quite comfortable, and it is really convenient, but it would have done better without the studs.

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