Review: The Nitz Wrist Strap V2

Nitz Wrist Strap gservo-01576-20140629

Overall, I’m simple. I am not a fan of the nice, yet terribly expensive wrist straps we have reviewed here. I like my photography accessories to work while not being expensive and prefer to invest more money into my camera and lenses instead of frilly extras. When I was first introduced to the Nitz Strap by my friend Scott Wyden, I was fascinated. It is a hand-made strap by a photographer. When I found out how much the Nitz wrist strap would cost. I bought one.

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Review: CamCuff Wrist Strap


When we first reported on the CamCuff, it was still just a Kickstarter. After receiving full funding, the company reached out to us about a review unit. As a refresher, the CamCuff is a wrist strap put out by Wanderlust–and they’re targeting it at the fashionable crowd. This is evident in the black leather and the studs that seem to match lots of the punk rock attitude and outfits currently out there.

We’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and we’re genuinely impressed with the build quality and the comfort level that the CamCuff gives. And even though I’m a personal sucker for beautiful and fashionable straps, we have to say that this one looks perfect for the person looking to join a biker gang or maybe even about to walk into a BDSM club.

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Review: Peak Design Leash and Cuff

Leash & Cuff

Peak Design returned to Kickstarter with their latest project and guess what? They did it again with the same crowd funding that started it all. They set out to raise a measly $10,000 and walked away with $215,000 worth of pre-orders for their new campaign.

The newly funded project is the Leash and Cuff and customers, myself included, have had it for a couple months now. Both the Leash and the Cuff were made to work with their existing Capture Plate or on their own. The strap duo makes using straps with your camera a breeze. I’ve worn it, depended on it and put it through its paces. These are my thoughts on the company’s second endeavor.

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