Photographer Gets Punched in the Face by Police Officer at Colombia Protest


If you’ve ever tried to photograph a protest, you’ll know that it isn’t exactly the easiest things to do with both police and protesters sometimes giving you their worst sides. There are currently protests happening in the Medellin area of Colombia and recently a photographer was struck in the face by a police officer while trying to do his job.

According to a Google Translation of an article, at first the police moved in and threatened to break the journalists camera–when the journalist stated that he was doing his job he was punched in the face and then smacked in the cheek.

But the story doesn’t end there: another photographer apparently had a stun bomb (possibly a flashbang or something of more non-lethal force) thrown at him and shrapnel from the canister cut his face.

And once again…do your job with caution folks.

Thanks to Juan for sending in this story

Via El Espectador

Chris Gampat

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